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Working within the existing footprint, this University City residential remodel involved modification of the existing floor plan to create a new, functional plan with a modern, farmhouse chic feel. The original kitchen and dining room were combined to create a larger kitchen that is both fresh and functional. The custom display shelves contribute to the fresh, modern look, while permitting display and easy access to various kitchen items. The powder room reflects the contrasting black and white palette of the kitchen, incorporating a strong graphic, black and white tile on the floor, and a floating, black vanity.

The master bathroom features a sleek, walnut vanity with ample storage, as well as floating, walnut shelves for easy access to towels. A large shower includes a fixed, glass panel and two shower niches. Like the kitchen, the modern look is fused with a farmhouse element to soften the overall look. Elongated “Edison bulb” wall sconces that flank the floating vanity mirror serve as the softening element in the space.

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